Air Atomizing Nozzle- Electrically Actuated

Air Atomizing Nozzle- Electrically Actuated

The Speedy Jet is an electrically actuated air atomizing nozzle that is capable of cycling at an extremely fast rate, while maintaining spray pattern uniformity and droplet size.


  • Body: 316SS
  • Sealing:  FPM
  • Internal seat: 316SS
  • Internal components:- 316SS
  • Guide assembly: 316SS
  • Maximum allowable pressure: 230 psi
  • Opening time: minimum: .005 seconds (5 ms)
  • Closing time: minimum: .005 seconds (5 ms)
  • Fluid temperature 32° – 265F°
  • Max viscosity 3°E 22 cStokes or mm2/s
  • Continuous duty ED100%
  • Encapsulation material PET
  • Coil insulation class F (310° F)
  • Ambient temperature: -14°F -140°F
  • Protection degree IP67 (EN60529) with plug micro-connectors (cable 5mt)
  • Electrical connections DIN 46340 – 3 micro poles connectors
  • Voltage 24VDC (+10% -5%)


• Capable of cycling at extremely high speeds, up to 6000 cycles per minute.

• The Speedy Jet control (PWM) system provides very precise control of the flow rate and cycle times.

• The on/off times and flow rate are easily and quickly adjustable.

• Differing flow rates can be obtained by utilizing different size air atomizing set-ups.

• Lower flow rates can be achieved by increasing the number of cycles per second or minute.

• Minimizes misting of the liquid being sprayed, reducing possible health risks for employees. also allows less use of product and therefore an economic saving.

• Quick on/off capability allows minimal liquid waste. Additionally, it is easy to change spray volumes for varying sized production runs, which also minimizes liquid waste.


• Speedy Jet controllers have relatively simplistic programing, adding ease and flexibility in programming.
• The controllers comes with a program that can be downloaded to the users computer, and by connecting through an adapter (USB-RS232) to the controllers, you can change the timing parameters (on-off) in seconds.
• The software allows users to save different settings and then store them on their PC.
• The controller requires a 220V single-phase power supply.
• Each controller can control up to 16 Speedy Jet nozzles.
• Initiation of the spraying cycle is done by sending a signal (PNP) to the control system.