Our aim is to find solutions for all high pressure and low pressure cleaning applications.

High Pressure Cleaning Equipment – HP-HHP nozzles

Amerispray takes an approach to abrasion resistance that is different from other nozzle manufacturers. Most of our nozzle line, including all of the traditional flat spray and solid stream designs, can utilize a specially developed coating that greatly increases the resistance of the spray nozzle to abrasion and wear. The term “coating” is somewhat misleading when describing this abrasion resistant treatment. During the manufacturing process the metal is heated and the abrasion resistant treatment is absorbed into the pores of the metal, both on and below the nozzles surface. Therefore, it is not something that resembles a silicon coating, as many might visualize it. The abrasion resistant material doesn’t just coat the metal, but instead adheres to the molecular structure of the metal, both on and below the metals surface.  This treatment can be used on both brass and stainless steel. Once treated, the metal hardness is greatly multiplied, within an approximate range of 1,000 Vickers.  Our specially designed treatment increases the wear resistance of metal nozzles to 7-8 times that of stainless steel.  This treatment is suitable for food and beverage, as well as pharmaceutical applications, and is FDA approved. Please contact our sales office to receive pricing and availability for our abrasion resistant products.

Low Pressure Nozzles- Include 1 piece and 3 piece designs

C1 Tip 

These nozzles consist of a threaded body, tip, and retaining cap, and can include optional filters. Our tips are interchangeable with most other nozzle manufacturer’s bodies and caps.

Amerispray has excellent flexibility in it’s design and manufacturing. If you are interested in a custom product that might best suit your application, please contact our sales office to discuss those options.


Filters applications 

ALSF3 Filter 

We have filters that are well suited for most high pressure applications. Please see our Filtration Catalog for more detailed information.

ALSF4 Filters